Founder, President & Head Designer

"When you're broken, you're more
vulnerable; and when you are more
vulnerable, you're more aware; and
when you're more aware, you are
more accepting. Through this
venture, I have accepted the broken
parts of myself; and in that, I have
found a deeper compassion for
others. Brokenness is not failure, it's
reliance on God; and you have to
know your broken to be restored. I do
not want to waste one more minute
on things that do not matter. I want
to live a life engaging and
participating in the lives of others."


Vice President

"As a church member for forty years, I have
realized it is not about people meeting our
standards; but it is about meeting people
"where they are". This changed my opinion
of ministry. RFR’s goal is to restore a line of
communication between child and father
that has been broken, through no fault of
the child. It displays a love without any
strings attached. And that is the love of our
heavenly father."


Construction Lead

"Long before I started working in
construction my heart was in
working with children. I was
involved in coaching, mentoring and
counseling from a young age. I was
able to observe the tendencies of
children with behavioral problems.
Life can be tough for our children
when circumstances are out of their
control. And these children are our
future. Room for Restoration is an
opportunity to improve
communication between fathers in
jail and their children where few
opportunities to do so exist. It’s a
blessing to be a part of this process."



"I believe RFR is the key to building
bridges for the children, and to
bring healing to their souls. As a
designer I understand that a simple
change in your environment can
bring so much joy, change in mood
and even sooth your soul. When
these children walk into their
rooms, it is like a fresh start, a new
beginning, and every time they
walk in, it will be a reminder that
they are not forgotten and most of
all they are loved! No greater love,
then the love of a father."


Council Member

"RFR essentially encompasses
everything my mom is and all of her
passions. Her love for design and
ability to restore seriously just about
anything is what started this
organization and her selessness
and natural instinct of seeing the
good and potential in absolutely
everyone is what denes RFR.
Being apart of an organization so
much bigger than myself is an
amazing opportunity."


Council Member

RFR is so much more than your typical bedroom makeover. Our homes and our bedrooms are our safe
havens, our place to retreat, to center ourselves, to just be us. To take fathers who have missed out on
their children's lives and allow them to gift their kids something so close, personal, intimate... it really
does show the love of their father in their new safe haven. Their place away from the rest of the world,
from that point on, has their fathers hands imprinted on the room and what more could make a child
feel safe and loved? This mission, this project, restores relationships and it deserves to be shared with
the world and offered to as many as we can reach."