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Never been Hugged

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Can you imagine being 15 years old and not having had a "hug" from your dad since you were 2 years old? This was the case for Angel; and though we couldn't give her that, we had a plan to do something special for her. After giving her incarcerated father an opportunity to nominate her for a "dream room makeover" and receiving a letter from him, we set out to create a space just for Angel. We focus not on what the incarcerated father has done, but what the child may need from him in his absence.

Sometimes the scars aren't visible on the outside, of the turmoil that's going on in the inside. Our hope was to provide Angel with a tangible act from the one who had caused her pain and when the space was completed and Angel walked into her room, we were met with a soft spoken, “Oh wow! “It’s really pretty. I really like it.......This makes me really happy. It’s good to know my dad took the time to send the letter out requesting the makeover. " Her heartfelt reaction was to tell him thank you. She made a point to let us know that her father knew she had been struggling. We were thrilled that during a difficult time, HE was able to reach out. It's hard to accept that Angel has felt embarrassment and stigma from having a loved one in prison; but truth needs to be voiced AND heard. It's surreal when we see our efforts bringing acknowledgement, value and worth to children; as well as strengthening a connection that can foster forgiveness, build hope and validate the child's struggles.

We love you Angel and so glad we get to be a part of your life.

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