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Room for Restoration is a non profit that provides an avenue for connection and restoration between incarcerated fathers and their children.  We do this by providing the opportunity for absent fathers to nominate their children for a Dream Room Makeover.  This gift in the name of the father opens a door for communication, validation and healing.   Through RFR and CDCR,  fathers receive the opportunity to  submit a nomination application for their child.*  They simply tell their story and we step in.  The family is notified of the selection and the room redesign is scheduled.  When the work is completed, the new room is revealed to the child; a visual reminder that sometimes things that are broken, can still be restored.  This is a rewarding and emotional experience for all involved. A recent child expressed being overwhelmed by his father’s understanding of who he was. The seeds of forgiveness, the opportunity for healing was sewn.

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